What's on Our Mind 9-1-2023

Labor day is the unofficial end of summer. We hope that you enjoyed this slower, lazier season with treasured time catching up with family and friends and that you were able to find respite from the record-breaking temperatures that swept across our nation.
At the same time, our country faced the challenges of increased flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes -- all direct consequences of our ever-changing weather patterns that are now becoming the new normal. We are living in dangerous climate times.
Scientists have been tracking these shifts and urgently warning us to take action. Supported by rock-solid evidence, scientists can draw a direct correlation between our lifestyle and the energy we consume to fuel climate change. We bear the responsibility for the damage. But we also have the potential to mitigate it, if not entirely, then at least to slow its progression.
There is so much at stake at this moment from gun violence to abortion rights to combating antisemitism. But we also need a livable planet to be able to address these issues. Combating climate change must be a priority and on our radar, and it is for JAC. We pledged to feature more information in our EZ read about climate change, offer our members opportunities to engage with policy experts, and most importantly, work to elect candidates who will tackle this issue with full force.
Our climate is in complete turmoil and hurtling toward disaster, yet not a single Republican raised their hand when asked whether they believe climate change is caused by humans during their recent Presidential debate. GOP Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy even called climate change "a hoax" and a "wet blanket on our economy."
This week in Florida, Republicans were not spared hurricane Idalia's destruction. Climate change is causing more frequent and fiercer hurricanes. It is oblivious to political affiliation.
JAC proudly supports scientists Reps. Eric SorensenBill FosterSean Casten who are using their expertise to create sound environmental policies. President Joe Biden passed the largest bill ever to address climate change. But now we need more Democrats in Congress to expand his plan while we still have the opportunity to save our earth.
Elections have consequences.