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What's On Our Mind - 11-10-2023

JAC's mission depends on cultivating relationships with the candidates we support. We achieve this by providing financial support, ensuring that candidates understand the essence of JAC’s work, and recognize the nationwide network of JAC members behind that support. These connections become crucial when we are advocating for specific bills or actions in Congress.

What's on Our Mind - 11-3-2023

The week draws to a close amidst continuing pain and anguish within the Jewish community. Tonight marks yet another Shabbat where hostages remain separated from their families and friends. Thousands of young Israeli soldiers find themselves in perilous, life-and-death situations, torn away from their loved ones. For 75 years, the price we've paid to establish and protect our Jewish homeland has been enormous.

What's On Our Mind 10-27-2023

Today is a somber day of remembrance for the Jewish community as we mark the fifth anniversary of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. On that fateful day, a gunman with an assault weapon killed 11 people in the deadliest U.S. attack on the Jewish community. That moment changed the way we viewed our safety within our country.

What's on Our Mind - 10-13-2023

As the sun sets on this gut-wrenching week for our community, our thoughts and prayers reach across the ocean to embrace our Jewish family. This week left no doubt in anyone’s mind that we are all family, suffering and devastated together, even if we do not have immediate family or friends there. Israel is part of our soul and, therefore, our heart. 

What's on Our Mind - Remembering Sen. Dianne Feinstein 9-29-2023

Remembering Sen. Dianne Feinstein (z''l)
Despite her power and position, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was gracious and warm when she welcomed JAC into her home during our 2008 Washington, DC policy conference. However, when it came to the issues she cared deeply about, she had a serious and no-nonsense approach. JAC always felt privileged to meet with her to discuss the issues we both shared. 

What's on Our Mind 9-22-2023

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and his extremist colleagues are currently wielding significant influence in the House, pushing an agenda that is compromising the well-being of Americans and threatening our democracy. Today, on the verge of a government shutdown, the GOP shuffled home because infighting within the party prevented the passage of a funding bill to keep the government open.

What's on Our Mind 9-8-2023

On a misty autumn day, members of JAC gathered to meet with Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ), who offered her insights on the upcoming 2024 election and various pressing issues. With her unique and remarkable background in military and national security, which includes piloting Sea King helicopters on missions throughout Europe and the Middle East, and serving on the Battle Watch Floor during the Iraq invasion, Mikie brings a distinctive perspective to safeguarding our democracy.

What's on Our Mind 9-1-2023

Labor day is the unofficial end of summer. We hope that you enjoyed this slower, lazier season with treasured time catching up with family and friends and that you were able to find respite from the record-breaking temperatures that swept across our nation.
At the same time, our country faced the challenges of increased flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes -- all direct consequences of our ever-changing weather patterns that are now becoming the new normal. We are living in dangerous climate times.

What's on Our Mind 8-25-2023

Last night marked a pivotal moment in our nation's history as former President Donald Trump surrendered himself to face racketeering charges stemming from his efforts to reverse Georgia’s 2020 election results. Trump’s processing at the jail underscored the fundamental principle that no individual is above the law. While this event casts a shadow on our country in some aspects, it also highlights the resiliency of our Constitution and the openness of our judicial system.

What's on Our Mind 7-28-2023

This week, Jewish communities in the U.S. and across the world watched with great interest and concern over the political events playing out in Israel regarding the government’s planned judicial overhaul. 
JAC has always maintained a neutral position when it comes to the internal politics in Israel. We work to ensure there is bipartisan support in Congress for Israel with the candidates we help elect. As a democracy, Israeli change has to come from within, and not be influenced by external forces.