What's On Our Mind 6-30-2023

Since the Highland Park shooting, which happened just steps from JAC’s office, we have experienced nearly 365 more days of gun violence. These shootings do not stop, despite our nation’s pleas for help.
Gun violence has forced us to reexamine — and even alter — our everyday lives. Events that were carefree have taken on a new level of apprehension. In the past, an emergency exit was to be used in the rare case of fire. Today we search it out so we have an escape path from gunfire. 
Other countries have guns and violence, but their leaders do not let politics sidetrack them from protecting the lives of their citizens. Serbia took swift action after two recent mass shootings. The government called for unregistered weapons to be handed over to the authorities. Nearly 9,000 weapons were turned in. New Zealand banned semi-automatic weapons one week after it experienced one deadly mass shooting. The U.K. introduced a near total ban on handguns one year after a mass shooting with a handgun in 1996. There has not been one mass shooting since. Within two weeks of Australia’s deadly mass shooting, that federal government and state legislatures backed bans on semi-automatic rifles and mandated firearm safety courses.
This week, JAC candidate Rep. Seth Magaziner (D-RI) introduced the Keeping Gun Dealers Honest Act, a bill which will bring new penalties to gun dealers who participate in "off-the-book" sales or falsify gun sale records. Other JAC candidates also continue to push ahead with gun safety legislation bills, despite GOP opposition.
We also must push ahead and continue our fight to end gun violence, Members of Congress need to hear from us. If your Representative supports gun safety, thank them. If they do not, tell them you are a voter and you will remember their cowardice in November 2024.
Additionally, call your Representative (202-224-3121) and ask them to support a discharge petition on gun safety legislation. This procedure would force Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to bring these bills to the House floor for a vote. Voters deserve to know if their Representative stands for saving their lives or bowing to the gun industry. If they won’t vote to protect their constituents, they must be voted out. The public is on the side of gun safety. The GOP is not on America’s side and they should not be in Congress.
Elections have consequences.