What's On Our Mind 2-10-2023

When President Joe Biden assumed office January 20, 2021, our country was still reeling from the attack on the Capitol 14 days earlier. Election deniers were filling social media with their distorted views and the country was more divided than ever before. Political discourse filled Congress and it felt like our Democracy was at a tipping point.
Under these less than optimal circumstances, Biden took steady control of the country and steadfastly worked to restore calm and sense of trust in government. He came to the nation’s highest office with a 36-year career in the Senate, where he earned admiration for his commitment to bipartisanship. 
He has not wavered on that commitment since day one in the Oval Office. It’s the GOP that have shut the door on him. They have chosen to wage political and idealogical battles over working towards progress and common sense solutions to the challenges facing America. 
Biden has worked to lower health care for all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation. He is securing access to reproductive and other healthcare services and trying to keep our communities safe from gun violence. Meanwhile, the GOP is embarking on even more more obstructionist and hyper-partisan tactics — all to the determent of the American people. 
While Biden was making his case to the American people about the need to work together, the GOP was getting their new committee, the Weaponization of the Federal Government, up and running. That Committee was created by the new Republican House majority to investigate alleged discrimination by the federal government against conservatives. This is nothing more than a GOP witch hunt, reminiscent of the dark days of McCarthyism.
Democracy is an American issue, not a partisan issue. We have a stronger democracy by working together to pass meaningful legislation that will improve our country and our lives. That is what the American people are counting on their President and elected leaders to do. 
The GOP members can choose to disrupt the State of the Union with childish rants and waste government time on meaningless investigations, but Biden and his Democratic colleagues in Congress — the JAC candidates you help support — will continue to work to get the job done. Together they will not be deterred from working for the American people.
Renew your JAC membership and if you can, give a little more. Elections have consequences.