The Time to Act is Now

by Gail Yamner

As we weep for the children and adults who lost their lives and for the families who are left to mourn, we do not need answers to why, we need to ensure it will end at that school on that Friday.  While our tears still flow, we have to resolve that we will advocate on behalf of anyone who has been struck down by bullets.

On Contraception, the Administration Got it Right

Congresswoman Nita Lowey responds to critics who say the administration was wrong to protect access to contraception for millions of women under the Affordable Care Act.

"Contraceptives do not solve every problem. But women...want access to voluntary family planning for the same reasons as women elsewhere: to avoid high-risk pregnancies, to deliver healthy children and to better care for the children they have. And this is a pro-life cause."


That's what Michael Gerson wrote in the Washington Post in August 2011.