What's On Our Mind 9-9-2022

Recent voter trends in Pennsylvania may play a role in the race between JAC candidate Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) and her opponent for the midterms. Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, women have been registering to vote in Pennsylvania at record numbers, and are registering as Democrats four-to-one. 

What's On Our Mind 9-2-2022

Labor Day traditionally begins the start of the official campaign season. As summer ends and students return to school, candidates rev up for their races. It’s an all out sprint to the finish line on November 8th — and you are an important part of that effort.
This election is about our democracy and the types of freedom we will have going forward. Each one of us can play a role in helping to protect the things we care about; and none of us can afford to sit this out and let someone else do the work needed to elect our candidates.

Candidate Spotlight 8-19-2022

Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA) is one of the most endangered Democrats in the House this cycle because of her devotion to uncovering the truth about the January 6th Capitol attack. Now the GOP extreme right and election-deniers want her seat.
With a new Republican-drawn district, Rep. Luria’s seat is in great jeopardy. She narrowly won her race in 2018 by only one point. She is facing an anti-choice, anti-democracy, anti-LGBTQ+ candidate who opposes abortion even in the cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother.

Candidate Spotlight 8-4-2022

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) is readying himself for one of the toughest races of his political career. He will face off with moderate GOP candidate Joe O’Dea in a state that has been trending purple. JAC has designated this as one of its top races. 
Bennet has represented Colorado in the Senate since 2009. He has dedicated his Senate career to creating more opportunities for the next generation which includes protecting the environment, ending gun violence, and ensuring the legality of abortion services.

Candidate Spotlight 7-29-2022

Today showed what we do together makes a difference. We called and texted Congress and we never gave up. We were able to get the assault weapons bill passed in the House. This is an extremely significant step in our nation’s efforts to end gun violence. More needs to be done, but banning these weapons of war from our streets will be impactful. 

Candidate Spotlight 7-22-2022

Last night’s open, televised hearing on the January 6th was a testament to our democracy. But it also highlighted how dangerously close we came to seeing it crumble that day. Our Candidate Spotlight features Rep. Val Demings (D-FL), who served as a House impeachment manager. “Our democracy is the foundation of all our personal liberties, safety, and opportunity, but democracy is neither invincible nor inevitable,” she has said.

What's On Our Mind 7-15-2022

We continue this week to see JAC’s issues at the forefront of the nation’s headlines: from reproductive freedom to gun violence prevention to the U.S.- Israel relationship. 
REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM — Today the House voted on several laws protecting a woman’s right to an abortion. With the decision by SCOTUS, our only hope is through federal legislation. It still needs Senate support for the bills to be signed into law by President Joe Biden.