What's on Our Mind 11-5-2021

This week was another tumultuous and unpredictable week in Washington and in politics. It could end dramatically, as we wait to see if the House passes President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.
On Monday, we held our breath listening to the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on the Texas abortion ban and trying to figure out which way the Court was leaning on this pivotal issue. Tuesday night ended with mixed emotions. We were disappointed with the Virginia governor's race, but happy that JAC-candidate Shontel Brown (D-OH) won her special election for Congress.
Amidst the jumbled mess, one thing is certain — we can take nothing for granted.  
We felt a renewed spirit and renewed sense of energy after the election of President Biden. His sweeping plans offered help and support to America’s families and our country. Candidates were elected who were committed to expanding voting rights and protecting women’s access to reproductive health care. Protecting our fragile and declining climate was part of the agenda.
Fighting for what you believe in doesn’t end when the election cycle is over. It is a constant effort to push forward. Midterm elections are just as important as the big, brassy presidential races.
The loss in Virginia clearly shows that our work is not over. The GOP voter turnout was higher this time than in 2020. We cannot assume that Democratic voters will stick with the party. Every voter needs to be reached, convinced, and encouraged to remain on our side. Our democracy will be in great peril if left in the hands of the GOP.
In less than one year, it will be time to vote again. If we lose the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (D-CA) will become Speaker of the House and Rep. Jim Jordan (D-OH) will become chair of the critically important and influential House Judiciary Committee. There is no more chilling thought nor greater call to action.
It’s time to start working now. Get involved with JAC - get your friends to join, too. Join a committee. Attend a zoom event. Support candidates. The countdown has begun.