Year in Review 9-27-2019

As we approach a new decade let us evaluate where we came from. At the beginning of this decade we were in the middle of President Barack Obama's first term. We had just passed a major piece of legislation in March 2010, the Affordable Care Act. JAC's issues were safe. Israel was bipartisan, women's health had less attacks, and climate change was real. Laws were being passed in both the Senate and the House.
In November 2010 Republicans ended Democratic control of Congress by winning a majority in the House of Representatives. Republicans won a net gain of 63 seats, the largest shift in seats since the 1948 elections.
In 2012 the Democrats kept the Senate. The Republicans kept the House in what has been attributed to targeted, widespread Republican gerrymandering in the congressional redistricting process.
In 2014 Republicans achieved their largest majority in the House since 1928 and voter turnout was the lowest since 1942. They won the Senate and gridlock began. By 2016, no important legislation was being passed. And President Obama's Supreme Court nominee could not even get a hearing.
In 2016 President Trump was elected and the Republicans held both Houses. Nothing major has passed the Senate since, except for judicial appointments.
In 2018 the Democrats won the House back. More than 400 bills have passed the House and stopped on Senator McConnell's desk. Israel is still bipartisan. Restrictive choice bills are passing state legislatures and clinics are closing. Environmental protection laws are being overturned. No important gun violence bills have passed.
Remember when the rule of law served us and our institutions, no one was above the law and treating others like we'd like to be treated was a good thing? Let's not make this recent past our future.
In the next decade we can change the trend. This is the time. History will judge our elected officials and us. Help us elect candidates that support our values and issues. Let 2020 be the start of our road back.
Marcia Balonick
Executive Director