Week in Review 10-25-2019

What did the Democrats do this week?

On Tuesday, the House passed the Corporate Transparency Act, which will shine a light on dark money in our democracy. The bill will require companies to disclose their true owners. It will prevent Russian oligarchs and foreign dictators from using shell companies in the U.S. to launder their illicit wealth. 

The House is prepared to take action on election interference even though the President refuses to do anything. On Wednesday, the House passed the Shield Act (Stopping Harmful Interference in Elections for a Lasting Democracy). This legislation aims to prevent foreign interference in our elections and defend the integrity of our voting system.

What did the Republicans do this week?

GOP Representatives aimed to create drama and headlines this week when they "stormed" the House Intelligence Committee's closed-door deposition to protest the impeachment inquiry. Their antics caused a five-hour delay, but did not stop the Democrats' pursuit of truth and justice.

The Senate again blocked election security bills. But they did do something in the Senate; Mitch McConnell's Senate paused from their fervent push to confirm judges to confirming an appointee to the UN, Andrew Bremberg. 

Bremberg will serve as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations office in Geneva. Bremberg has said, "I am pro-life, I believe that all human life is sacred, and that human life begins at conception." Asked if rape victims should have access to abortion, he replied, "I don't believe that abortion is a moral solution to any problem."

He has no experience in international affairs. But Bremberg is ready to carry-out Trump's attack on reproductive rights. This includes a global gag rule that slashes funding for overseas nongovernmental organizations that perform abortions or even offer counseling on the matter; cut funding for other international women's sexual and reproductive health programs; and end funding to the UN Population Fund.

What do WE need YOU to do this week and next week?

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