Week in Review 10-18-2019

Democracy lost a friend with the passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD). He was a passionate protector of JAC's issues throughout his time in Congress and we were proud to support him over the years.

JAC member June Rogul, who met with Cummings during the 2018 campaign cycle, recalled how impressed she was with him.

"It was so evident when we met with Rep. Cummings on behalf of JAC what a principled, decent and gracious man he was, " she said.  "As a U.S. Congressman and Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he was deeply committed to doing what was in the best interest of the United States. His death is a huge loss to our country and to the pursuit of truth and justice in government."

Cummings worked closely with the Jewish community, helping to strengthen the relationship between the Jewish and African-American communities. He created the Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel (ECYP), a non-profit organization that prepares high school students to become future leaders. 

During these incredibly bitter, partisan times, Cummings was a cool, calm voice of reason seeking common ground with those within in his party and across the aisle. That is how our elected officials should act.  

At a time when nearly 80 percent of the public disapprove the job Congress is doing, Cummings was the type of representative that reminded us of the good that can be achieved when you place principles over politics.

There are many dedicated, committed Members of Congress whom JAC has worked to elect (Click here to see complete list.) They served side-by-side with Cummings.  

Cummings had deep respect for the institution where he served and its ability to transform people's lives. But his work is not done. Let's ensure that we continue to send candidates to Congress who will continue to uphold Cummings tradition. Elections matter. 

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