Week In Review 10-11-2019

The House of Representatives is doing its job. Members passed more than 560 bills so far this year ranging from gun safety to raising the minimum wage, and from protecting women to domestic violence. These were then sent to the Senate where the Majority Leader decides when and if they get a floor vote.

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has turned the Senate into a massive graveyard where House bills automatically die. Meaningful legislation aimed at improving our country should be enacted. Instead, McConnell only wants to be a rubber stamp for Donald Trump's judicial nominees.

To break McConnell's stranglehold, we need to elect Senate candidates like Mark Kelly who is running from Arizona. We also need to ensure our Senators, including Gary Peters (D-MI), Doug Jones (D-AL), and Tina Smith (D-MN) are reelected. 

Regardless of who wins the White House in 2020, if we do not have a Democratic majority in the Senate, our country's progress will continue to be stymied. Dysfunction and paralysis will be the norm in Congress, not real reform and action.

Peters said this week during JAC's Detroit membership meeting, that we are in a battle for the heart and soul of our country. "This election is about American leadership and standing up for our values. Right now it is slipping through our fingers."

The way to win, he continued, is to get people engaged in ways they have never been before. This means helping to get out the vote and supporting candidates.

When you make a contribution to a JAC candidate, we bundle your donation with donations from other JAC members and personally deliver the funds to the candidates. They know the money came from JAC while underscoring what issues are important to us.

Every Senator votes on every issue. Therefore it is just as important to support Senators from your state as Senate candidates from the other states.

JAC candidates need your dollars. Whatever you can give, donate now. Then if you can give a bit more later, donate again. Every dollar makes a difference and every dollar is critical.

Start now. Donate to Mark Kelly's campaign and our other candidates so we can have a Senate that works for us.

Not sure who to donate to? Make a donation to JAC and we will use it to support our candidates.