Week In Review 10-4-2019

Donald Trump is waging a war on our country with words, not just deeds.

His constant overuse of certain words has become cemented into voters' minds. These phrases, for example, "crooked Hillary," "fake news," and "invasion" to describe undocumented immigrants, and calling the Ukraine investigation a "sham," have helped shape the political debate and bolster his supporters.

If someone repeats a phrase, even a false one, often enough, a person can be trained to think it's true and a popular opinion. Repeating words can also be used as a stall tactic allowing an individual, like Trump, to continue speaking when there is nothing new to say, to deflect reporters questions, and to distract from the issues at hand.

Trump has used his power to silence those who use their words to contradict and criticize his policies. The Agriculture Department recently decided to relocate an entire staff of career economists from Washington to the Kansas City area after they published reports on the financial harms of Trump's trade policies. The Interior Department moved a climate scientist to an accounting role after he stressed the dangers of climate change to Alaska's Native communities.

His administration has also set out to rewrite the language contained in government documents and websites dealing with family planning. He wants the UN to drop mention of reproductive health from official documents.

We cannot allow Trump to use his words to lead us astray from our task at hand - taking back the Senate and keeping the House.

We need to continue to work to elect JAC candidates who have respect for the rule of law, treat people with dignity, and are answerable to voters - not foreign governments.

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The Financial Brand, Washington Post