Week in Review 8-23-2019

We listen to almost weekly anti-Semitic tropes from the President. This week it was over questioning the Jewish community's loyalty to Israel. In the past, he has also raised concern over Jews loyalty to the U.S.

Trump will continue to use anti-Semitism and hate to pump up his base and deflect from the serious issues facing our country. For him, it's always the path that he is most comfortable taking. His rhetoric is divisive and dangerous. 

We cannot let Trump's attacks go unchecked. But we are left wondering what we can do.

One of the best ways to fight back against the growing tide of anti-Semitism which Trump has encouraged is to ensure that our young people, the future of our country, are educated on the dangers of hate. Then, hopefully, they will support and elect candidates who will stand up against hate as well.

The Never Again Education Act H.R. 943 and S. 2085 would expand and encourage Holocaust education and its lessons in classrooms across the country. Holocaust education also serves a broader purpose, since it can provide a historical context to understand and prevent other atrocities.

The bills, which were introduced with bipartisan support, would establish a program at the Department of Education to help more middle and high schools educate students about the Holocaust and the dangers of hate. Some of the features of the bill include creating a Holocaust education website for teachers, and awarding grants to schools for resources, teacher training, and student field trips.
Holocaust education is a vital part of a young person's learning experience. A survey last year showed that 49 percent of millennials, the largest generation of bloc of voters, could not name a single concentration camp.

"What are our choices? We can despair and curse, and change nothing...or we can try and make things better," said Carol Matas, award-winning novelist for young people and Holocaust author.

Do something. Call your Senators and Representative (202-224-3121) and make sure they cosponsor to these important bills - H.R. 943 and S. 2085.