Week in Review 8-9-2019

We are taking a break from our regular EZ read this week to call attention to the gun violence epidemic sweeping across our country. This week we have once again seen the soul of our country ripped apart by more mass shootings.

There have been more mass shootings than days in 2019. By the time the sun sets today, 100 more people will have died from gun violence.

Gun violence doesn't discriminate - and it doesn't take a recess, like Congress.

The level of gun violence we experience in America is not normal -- and it's not inevitable. Only in America do mass shootings at an elementary school, in a newsroom, at a synagogue, or at a concert go unaddressed.

We know how to solve this problem. The answer in passing commonsense gun laws -- like background checks, assault weapons ban and red flag laws.

Every mass shooting is a tragic reminder of the price we pay for inaction.

Mitch McConnell has left critical bills that can save lives from gun violence languish in the Senate by refusing to even bring them up for a vote. We must hold our politicians accountable for choosing partisanship over the will of the American people.

Change will happen when we have a Congress that will prioritize saving lives from gun violence more than campaign donations from the NRA. If they won't, we will vote them out.

Donate to JAC and help elect candidates to Congress who will fight to keep our communities safe.

Elections have consequences.