How Can You Be More Involved in JAC?

June is a month of new beginnings. Spring blossoms into summer, and the verdant season brings to mind thoughts of potential and possibility. In this context, I ask you this month to consider your ideas and thoughts about ways in which you can have a more active role in contributing to JAC’s potential. I see us as a nationwide network of women and men who have far-reaching influence and well-established credibility; but who could do more if awareness about our organization were spread to friends and acquaintances who don’t yet know us. I see us as a valued resource for a growing membership that relies on our depth of knowledge on issues and our access to and reputation on the Hill. But how much more collective power might we have if we were to increase local awareness in our communities and speak with an even louder voice?

Here in Chicago, our 3rd annual Power of Women Luncheon held last Thursday brought more than 400 guests to hear about JAC and to reflect upon this question of potential. While the event helped introduce a number of new attendees to our organization, it also served as a “call to action” for our existing membership, challenging everyone present to think about ways their involvement could further JAC’s reach.

How often do you devote time to JAC? Do you read this Newsbreak each month, or the EZ Read online? Do you ever go to our Facebook page or when a news article or issue moves you? Did you know we have a blog? Our best hope for reaching our potential is for our membership, old and new, to connect and engage. Send us your ideas, give us your thoughts, and let this June be a time for turning over a new leaf.

Janna Berk
JAC President