Reproductive Rights

What is JAC's Position?

JAC believes in full reproductive freedom for women and opposes legislation that limits women’s access to family planning or to abortion.

Why should we be concerned about this issue, when the Middle East is in upheaval and the United States is struggling to overcome the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression?  The Radical Religious Right, politically organized and mobilized, has been leading the opposition to abortion ever since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.  They have extended their reach into family planning, sex education, cloning, stem cell research, health care reform and more — lumping opposition to these issues under their “pro-life” banner. They have allies in some parts of the Tea Party movement. Despite promises to give jobs and economic recovery its full attention, the House leadership has made opposition to reproductive rights a priority. The result is legislation that is punitive and harmful to women -- not to mention a repudiation of the principle of less instrusive, less costly government. 

Reproductive rights are more than the right to an abortion. They are about the protections afforded by the Constitutional wall that separates religion from state. That wall is breached when legislation is defined by a particular set of religious beliefs. Reproductive rights also encompass the lawful ability to make personal decisions about health and life without unwarranted government intrusion. Reproductive rights are about fairness and equal access to reproductive health care for all women, not just for a privileged few.

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